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Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Day of School 2013

This year we switched our days at school from Tuesday/Thursday to Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  Since our Kayla had to go to college, we thought this would be good timing for slowly adjusting the girls schedule so that next year when they have to go all 5 days it won't be so hard.

Carli is in Pre-K this year.  She has Mrs. Chrissy and for the three days she has gone to school she has really loved it.  Carli has always loved school, she doesn't like new situations.  I was nervous that she would have a harder time than usual since she may not know any of the kids but her good friend Sophia is in class with her and a couple of boys from summer class that she knew.  She also has a good ratio of boys and girls.  Last year at times it was just her and six boys!

Technically this was Ava's first day of Pre-K 3's.  I was too lazy to make two signs.  :)  Ava is such an easy going kid when it comes to new situations.  She simply waltzed right into class and didn't miss a beat.  Her teacher is Mrs. Brooke.  Mrs. Brooke has already bragged on Ava for being such an awesome little girl.  She said Ava is simply a joy to have in class.  If you ask her to do something she does and for a 3 year old that is a gem!  Ha!

Not the best picture - but it was the only one they let me get before they ran for the car!

One of my favorite pictures is from last years first day of school.  I tried to recreate it b/c that would be really cool.  This is the best I got before Ava turned around with a very worried look on her face that I was not going to walk her to class! 

From all accounts the girls had a great first day!  They are excited to see what they learn in the year to come.  Wow, they have grown a lot since last year.

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