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Monday, September 30, 2013

Together At Last

Three years.  How thankful I am to have had my Grandparents be such an integral part of my life.  My Pawpaw has been gone for three years today.  I still miss him.  Carli still asks about him.  She is very proud to understand that if you add an "s" to her name, it will spell Pawpaw's name. 

Two weeks ago my Grandma passed away.  It was bittersweet because our heart aches not having her with us any longer, but we celebrate knowing they both lived an amazing life of service to the Lord.  
Today, I was thinking a lot about my Grandparents.  My Grandma had given all her grandkids a book called "Grandmother Remembers."  She had filled it out completely and added news paper clippings, old photos and special memories.  It is pretty awesome, and worth so much to us all.  In the back of the book is a section called, "Grandfather Would Want You to Know."  My Pawpaw never even finished elementary school.  I can't say I ever saw him write anything other than his name.  Grandma always wrote all the checks and would even read the Bible to him at night.  I use to come home from college and give him a lot of grief because he wouldn't write in my book for me.  I begged, and begged, and begged.   And I actually had given up, and honestly almost forgotten about it.  But one day, I came in to have lunch with Grandma and Pawpaw.  Pawpaw proudly handed me my book and told me, that he had given me the best present ever.  If he only knew how true those words were...

I am so thankful for you
my sweet smart granddaughter.  You
are so good to me helping with the chickens. 
I love you so much. 
You are so sweet
And so kind. 
I am so glad
You are mine. 
Love Papa

Grandma told me later that he told her what he wanted to write.  She printed it out for him and he took a pencil and copied it over into my book.  It took them both working together to give me a gift I will cherish more than they could have ever imagined.

He always made every one of his grandkids feel so special.  What a gift he was and still is to us all. 

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1 comment:

Quilter Mom said...

That picture in the rocking chairs is one of my favorite pictures EVER.
It's really not until we become a parent that we realize the amazing sacrifices our parents & grandparents make for us--how they would willingly move heaven and earth if we needed them to.