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Monday, December 9, 2013

A Broken Wrist and Strep

After Ava's Saturday fall in Rockwall, she was fine all day on Sunday and Monday.  But on Tuesday the girls were playing outside and Ava tripped and fell.  It wasn't anything out of the ordinary.  Ava tends to trip on her feet a lot but this fall caused another screaming session and her left wrist swelled again.  Only this time, the swelling never really went down.  Keith and I decided we'd better give the doctor a call to see if it should be xrayed.  After a bit, Ava seemed fine.  She moved her fingers and her wrist and all seemed okay.  But the doc thought it would be a good idea to double check with an xray.  Good thing since later that evening while playing soccer with the neighbors Ava fell in the driveway again.  This time she didn't even land on her left side, but her right.  Even had a scrap on her right elbow that drew blood but she didn't even notice.  She was holding her left wrist and screaming.

Shauntee had observed all the falls Ava had taken and decided that she would go see a doctor too so she could show Ava that doctors weren't scary at all!

Her sign says, "I 'heart' U Ava"

We got in to see the doctor on Wednesday afternoon.  Ava did fine at school and was thrilled that Shauntee got to come to the doctor with her for a bit of encouragement.  Ava did great getting an xray.  We spent a good 2 hrs waiting for the results and they were kind of inconclusive.  The doctor couldn't see anything broken and she even got a couple other doctors to take a look.  She said the radiologist would have a look and they would call us to let us know if they found anything different.  

Carli says that Shauntee put Ava's sticker on her mouth so that Ava would keep quiet!

With xrays done, we came home to fix dinner and get ready for church.  Apparently the day wiped Ava out as she fell asleep in the car and slept all the way through church.  Pa and Carli did get her to wake up long enough to say she wanted some ice cream, much to their delight!

Thursday morning we were having a lot of fun getting covered in paint and making crafts.  Ava especially seemed to have gotten more paint on herself than anywhere else!

Then the doctor called at noon to tell us that the radologist had found that Ava had a buckle fracture in her wrist and they would be getting us into see an orthopedist ASAP.  The doctor thought they would just put her in a splint.  So, we finished lunch, and got dressed in non paint spattered clothing and wiped the paint off the best we could with no baths.  After 2.5 hrs waiting in the orthopedist office, Ava got a cast.  :(  Had I known it was a cast then the girl would have had a bath before we came!  They really wanted to put her in a long arm cast but we talked them into trying the short arm cast.

Ava was not a happy camper.  Her arm did not hurt in her opinion and she did not understand why she had to have that cast!  Turns out the orthopedist says she really did break her wrist.  That unlike adult bones that snap like dry branches, kids bones bend like a wet branch.  Thankfully we didn't have to set it and she isn't in so much pain but she did break it and in order to let it heal properly and not sustain further damage with Ava's continued falling we had to cast it for 6-8 wks.  BOO!!

Ava came to terms okay with it when her friends on Friday thought her cast was pretty awesome.  We had to go to Walmart to buy a new jacket we could cut the arm in so she would have a jacket.  Next we need to go get a bunch of cheap long sleeved white shirts to do the same so we can layer her up!

Ava woke up on Saturday morning not feeling well and got progressively worse as the day went on.  We decided at four that afternoon to go ahead and take her to the clinic in case she was exposed to strep or the flu during the doctors visits...poor girl had strep.  :(

The good news is that we got her in so quickly that she was bouncing off the walls again on Sunday and only complained of a sore throat...no fever.  She also didn't mind getting to eat ice cream for dinner!

She was sure excited to get to go to school this morning.  I'm pretty sure she was tired of not being allowed out of the house for two days!  The rest of us seemed to have been spared from strep...let's keep hoping!

Ava is suppose to go back for a new xray and cast on Dec 26th.  Just another thing our kids have gotten to experience that Keith and I never had to...a broken arm.  :)

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