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Monday, December 2, 2013

Shauntea the Elf Returns!

Saturday night the girls went to bed after a long day of celebrating Thanksgiving in Rockwall with family...more on that later.  They were beyond exhausted.  When they woke up on Sunday morning, they were ecstatic to find that their pink Christmas tree was back!  And so was Shauntea the elf!

Since it was Sunday morning and we had slept late, the girls loved on Shauntea and it was time to go to church.  When we got back from church, we sat down as a family to read the letter from Santa Claus:

Dear Carli and Ava…
Well well well...two of my favorite children!
First of all, I want to tell you that I think both of you are very special!  I know that you love each other, and your parents and grandparents very much.  But I also know that you love Jesus, too!  Jesus is a special friend of mine, too.  He makes all of us special!
The great thing about Jesus, is He loves us whether we mess up or not.  It's important to mind your parents, and Jesus, but we all mess up sometimes...but He loves us anyway, just like your parents love you! 
It's also important that we share that love with others, which is why I'm sending this letter to you.  Do you remember this very special friend of mine?  She needs someone to show her what the love of Jesus is like. 
This is Shauntea the Elf
Like all my elves, Shauntea is very still during the day, but wakes up at night when everyone else is asleep.  Don't be scared, though, she's a nice elf; she just makes some bad choices.  The other day, I found her hanging from the ceiling fan!  I've tried to explain that Jesus loves her and that she should make better choices, but she just doesn't understand it yet.  Mrs. Clause thought it would be a good idea to find two sweet girls to help teach her.  I immediately thought of sweet Carli and Ava!
When I told Shauntea that she was going to go stay with you guys, she jumped up and down in excitement!  She thinks you guys are so fun and sweet, she can't wait to spend time at your house!
It would make Mrs. Clause and I so happy if you girls could help teach Shauntea what the love of Jesus is like.  You can talk to her and show her what love is during the day, but be careful at night, that's when she comes to life and usually gets into trouble!  I know you will all have a great time.  I'll be back on Christmas Eve to pick Shauntea up, with some special surprises for you!
I love you guys so very much!

Last year when we read the letter, the girls didn't really pay attention.  This year, Carli listened very intently and told us in a serious voice, "I guess Santa needs our help, huh?"

Sunday afternoon, the girls decorated their Christmas tree with all their special ornaments.

Showing off their special Christmas Spiders from Grammy & Pa

Excited to find their North Pole Candy Canes from Naggy & Pappy

The final product of all the girls hard work decorating...lots of ornaments on the bottom half.  Just perfect!  

It's officially Christmas season!  Keith has already been doing some research on Elf antics, crossing my fingers he gets really into this thing so I don't have to be creative the whole time!  Ha!

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