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Friday, December 6, 2013

Rockwall Thanksgiving

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we made our way up to Rockwall to celebrate with our family from the Hays/Arnett side of the family tree.   The girls were so excited to get to see and play with Isabella again!  This year we made some Turkey Cupcakes for the festivities.  We took some to the King get together too and decorated those at home.

But the cookies got a little soggy by the time we got to our get together, so we decided we would decorate these cupcakes in Rockwall, and the bonus was we had a few extra helpers!

This was the first Thanksgiving that we did not keep an eagle eye on the girls.  They had a blast playing with all the big kids and not being told "don't do that!" by Mom and Dad.  After lunch and while everyone was having a good visit, Ava came in the house screaming.  Ava usually isn't my dramatic child.  She was holding her left arm limp and crying so hard she was hiccuping.  We finally got her calmed down and rolled up her left arm sleeve to find a swollen wrist.  We managed to get her to move her hand for us and let us put ice on it for a little while.  She refused to take any medicine and when she did calm down, she was asleep in seconds.

The Arnett Sisters, AKA Naggy, Aunt Sarah and Aunt Carolyn, thought it would be a good idea to have a fun picture of each family...can you find my children.  They did not agree.  :)

The Cook and Josephson  Families

The Hays Family

The girls with Aunt Megan and Uncle Kevin

Before we headed home, wouldn't you know the girls all decided that they were okay with those fun dress up things!  Isabella helped a lot in warming them up and Pappy was a good sport to let them dress him up like a pretty doll!

Ava did not complain about her arm after her power nap much.  She was a little clingy but she would go outside and play a little before coming back to cuddle.  It wasn't until we headed home that she started crying again saying her arm hurt.  We texted a lot with our friend, Kinsey, who is working on her degree in Sports Training.  She was in New York with the Texas Tech basketball team!  We were thankful she took time to talk us through different things to determine that Ava would be okay with a little ibuprofen and maybe a visit to the doc after the weekend.

We got home and gave Ava her ibuprofen and she only woke up once for more.  Then she seemed fine.  Our friend at church who is a physical therapist took a look and thought she would be okay too.  Our Sunday following our big fall was quite uneventful and we did a bit more Christmas decorating! 

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