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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Visit to Teaberry Farm

 Last Saturday we met up with our friend, Mrs. Arrington, to have the girls' back to school pictures taken at Teaberry Farm.  Teaberry Farm is where Keith and I were married a little over eight years ago.  We have been blessed to have pictures taken there a couple times over the last few years (2010, 2012).

I'm anxious to see the shots Mrs. Arrington got.  Teaberry Farm is a pretty neat place.  It seems like every time we go back, there is something new or rather old and vintage that has been added.  The backdrop for the pictures Mrs. Arrington took is going to look pretty neat I think. 

After our session with the real photographer, we walked around the farm a bit reminiscing and checking things out.  We enjoyed visiting with Cindy Richards (one of the owners) and showing off our girls.

The horse in these pictures is real.  It wasn't very sure about the girls and the girls weren't very sure about the horse.  They wanted so badly to go pet it but they could not work up the courage.  So we settled for a picture "with" the horse.  :)

 It took a little bribing to get the girls to somewhat cooperate for a picture in front of the chapel doors where Keith and I said our vows on May 20, 2006.

One of my most favorite pictures of my Paw-paw and Grandma was taken at my wedding on the back porch of the house.  It's just so them, sitting in the rocking chairs enjoying watching all the activity around them.  

I would have rearranged the chairs so they were in the same position as they were eight years ago...but I may have pushed my luck.  This is the best I got this go round.  

It was a good morning.  Actually, we shed no tears or had to make too many empty threats to hopefully have gotten some good pictures of the girls.  And we had the bonus of walking around and remembering our wedding day with our girls. 

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