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Monday, August 25, 2014

Carli's Officially in Kindergarten

 Today was the day.  Carli started Kindergarten.  No one even cried when we dropped her off.  We all thought about it though.  Thankfully we have our comic relief...AKA Ava, to keep our spirits all high.

Carli was so nervous last night that she climbed in our bed about 11.  We made it almost six years without having a kid sleep in our bed all night long.  It was a good run, and Keith and I only suffered minor bruises from her flailing and kicking.

Ava was pretty excited about Carli going to school until she figured out that she wasn't getting to go too.  She was a wee bit somber on the way home.  However, it has now dawned on her that she has all my attention and her attitude has much improved!

We've grown just a bit from last year!

Ava pretty much dragged us all into the school.  If Carli or I had the choice, we may have just gone back home and cuddled.  :)  Keith was bringing up the rear so between him and Ava, Carli and I were doomed to the inevitable.

Carli would not smile for me before we left.  I didn't push it...she was so nervous!  Her buddy Shiloh was walking in as we were walking out, so I hope Shiloh's arrival eased the butterflies a bit!

Oh, and Carli has Mrs. Reid for Kindergarten.  During meet the teacher last week, she was not so sure about taking a picture for me so when our first and only shot was out of focus - we just called it good.  :)  We don't know anyone in Troup, but word of mouth is that Mrs. Reid was the teacher to have.  Luck kept coming Carli's way when she found out her buddy from Oak Tree Academy was in her class as well.  

 I am anxious to hear how Carli's first day goes!  I'm sure Ava will ask a million times if it's time for Carli to come home yet.  Oiy...I have a kindergartner!

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