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Sunday, March 29, 2015

2015 Cherokee County Stock Show

The Hays Family experienced our first livestock show.  The girls were pretty excited and nervous about showing their rabbits, but Carli was pumped to get to miss school and Ava was all about looking at all the other animals.  We got up early Thursday and took our rabbits to check in. 

Once we were all checked it, it was only 9 am so we headed to Alto to see Grammy & Pa for a bit.  After lunch we headed back to get ready to show our rabbits at 3 pm.  But there was a big wreck on one of the highways and our judge was delayed so Pa took the girls around the livestock barn to see all the animals and projects.

Pee-Wee Rabbit Showing is pretty simple.  The girls put their rabbits in the show boxes and waited for the judge to come by and talk to them.  They were very prepared to tell him that their rabbits were born on Thanksgiving day, both were boys and tell him what kind of rabbit they had (Carli had a black mini rex and Ava had a broken blue otter mini rex).

Carli was so disappointed he didn't ask her any of her questions she had worked so hard to learn the answer to but getting a trophy and blue ribbon helped a lot!  :)

Overall, our first stock show and rabbit raising experience was a good one.  Hoppy and Raven were a good experience for the girls.  We did take our rabbits back to the girl we had gotten them from in January since the girls were not quite old enough to take care of the rabbits on their own.  Keith and I were pretty much done with cleaning out cages and constantly reminding the girls to feed and water the rabbits. 

If the girls would like to show again, I think we will try to get a rabbit much younger than they had this year.  That way they can get use to holding a small rabbit and I won't have to worry about the rabbit escaping from them!  Their rabbits were a bit feisty and we never let them hold them without one of us being nearby. 

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