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Friday, March 6, 2015

Kindergarten Rodeo

Today was the Kindergarten Rodeo which marked the end of their study of the state of Texas and marked the beginning of Spring Break!  Carli was very excited about the rodeo all week.  She came home every day tell us about the capital of Texas, the state flower and armadillos!  She thoroughly enjoyed it all!

We pick out Carli's every night before bed each night so that our mornings go much smoother.  Carli insisted that she HAD to wear her boots and her hat for the Rodeo.  This hat come from when Carli was two and her friend Shiloh brought their whole class at Oak Tree Academy little straw hats.  Carli is very sentimental and saves EVERYTHING.  She knew exactly where her hat was and insisted she had to wear it.  Her whole outfit she picked out by herself and her Daddy was so relieved that she did not tuck her pants inside her boots!

I was a little selfish and volunteered to bring food but not help at the rodeo.  I wanted to follow Carli around and take pictures!  It was very well organized.  They had four classes in one gym, about 80 kindergartners and it wasn't chaotic at all!  Carli's group's first stop was story time.  The listened to an adaptation of the Little Gingerbread Man - Rodeo style.  Then it was off to the races with stick horses. 

They dressed up like cowboys and raced to the other end of the gym...rather they clomped!  And then they did a relay race moving "coals" from one bucket to another.

My little cowgirl!

They did a little washer throwing - Carli made more than one!

And decorated a Tee Pee.  Then roped a cow with a hula-hoop!

This is Carli's friend Shiloh.  Not sure what they were discussing but it was pretty in-depth!

Carli got a double dose of "crowd-avoidance" from her parents.  About halfway through the games you could see in her eyes she was so done with all the hoop-la!  Bless her heart.  She got it honest!

They did a little horse shoe throwing before it was time to start winding down much to Carli's relief!

Here is Carli with her entire class and her teacher, Mrs. Reid.

With their stick horses...

Carli and her friend Shiloh.  They enjoyed a party of Chili and crackers before we took Carli home with us a little early for Spring Break!
I asked Carli what was her favorite part of the rodeo and she said without hesitation, "The part where it was over and we got to leave the gym." Oh bless her heart!  :)

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