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Thursday, March 5, 2015

A day with Ava

With all the crazy weather we have had, Ava has gotten to stay home from school more than once over the last few weeks.  When you only go to school 9:30 to 1, there's not much room for a "late start."  So while Carli was at school (with a late start), Ava and Momma spent the day at home entertaining ourselves and trying to stay out of Daddy's way while he attempted to work from home.

Our first order of business was to make some no-bake cookies.  Ava helped me gather all the ingredients and then put herself in charge of getting us a half of a cup of peanut butter....

After the cookies were done we decided to fix Ava's hair, and Ava fixed her dolls hair...

Ava's dolls hair was a wee bit of a rats nest, so we googled how to care of dolls hair and ended up coating it with conditioner and leaving it to sit while we made some lunch and talked Daddy into joining us.

After lunch, Ava helped me get dinner in the crockpot.  We made some chili and she was in charge of dumping all the cans into the crock pot and stirring.  She did a wonderful job!

We also decided to have some baked potatoes with our chili - so I washed and vented the potatoes and Ava wrapped them in foil for me.

Finally we spent a good hour rinsing and brushing her dolls hair before giving it a slight hair cut.  Then we piled into the car and went to gather up Carli before we all went to swimming lessons.  This was the first time Keith has gotten to go to swim lessons in quite some time so the girls were anxious to show off their skills! 
Ava is a great helper!  My favorite thing she does right now, is that I'll ask her to go get me something or stop doing something and she'll quickly reply, "Alright, Momma." And she does it!  I'm sure that'll change but I'll enjoy it while it lasts! 
What a great day with my Ava-Boo!

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