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Friday, December 11, 2015

A TX Quilt for a CA Boy

My best friend from college had a sweet baby boy a little over a year ago.  I had a grand idea to make him a quilt with the help of my Mom and send to him after he was born.  Turns out it took us a bit longer to get the quilt done but I think it turned out great!  Here is the letter and pictures of the amazing quilt we sent to California for Mr. Idri as a late 1st birthday gift.  :)

Dearest Idri –

You don’t know us, but we know you.  You see we know your Momma and Daddy and because of them, we know you.  We know you are a sweet, kind hearted little boy.  That you will grow to be an amazing Christian man, but first you must let your sister dote on you, let your Momma rock you a little longer and make sure you teach your Daddy how to fist bump.  Your grandma, well, you will never be too old to sit in her lap – just ask your Momma about Anthony and his Grandma.

Your extended family here in Texas does not do very well getting gifts together in a timely manner.  We have grand plans, but sometimes our plans are bigger and take longer than we anticipate…sometimes it takes over a year.  Oops.  But when we finally get it all together, we hope that it will forever be a token of love for you.  This gift has so much meaning in it and maybe one day you will understand. 

There is a lady you will never get to meet, but she was such an amazing lady.  She was my Grandma and she was in her own special way a Grandma to your Momma too.  Her name was Ruby King and she is the epitome of what the cornerstone of a family should be.  She made every single one of her grandkids a blue jean quilt.  Each was different and each fit the personality of the child she made it for.  She made your Momma a  John Deere Quilt.  Our Grandma went to heaven over two  years ago but you know what makes her such a special lady?  She left a legacy that will live on forever.  My mom and I wanted to make you a blue jean quilt.  One that was yours to keep forever – maybe one day you’ll take it with you to college.  But until then, snuggle up with your Momma on the couch and maybe share a cuddle or two with your sister.  After all, Grandma was all about family – we hope this quilt will always remind you of your family – both in CA and in TX.


Happy first birthday Idri – even a bit late.  Our hearts had good intentions but here in Texas it seems we work at a slower pace than most sometimes.  We cannot wait to meet you one day.  Give your sweet Momma an extra hug for us, tell her we miss her dearly and you all are always in our hearts and will forever be a part of our family.


With Much Love,


Your family in Texas

P.S. We sent a little country to the West Coast too – make sure you give the pink shirt to Leah.  We couldn’t send a package and not include her.  J


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