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Monday, January 11, 2016

No Really, I'm not sleepy

So the past month and half has been pretty rough in the sleeping department for Drew.  In his defense, our schedule with the girls having been home for break and such did not help.  He would only nap if nursing, we sometimes even resorted to a car ride just to get in some rest for him.  Yes, he did on a 180 on that front and will sleep in the car if you stack your cards just right!  One day, he was so tired but refused to lay his head on my shoulder and this is how he fell asleep!

If you go to church with us, you will know that I often spend services walking in the back of the auditorium because Drew is much quieter when I stand and walk vs sitting and trying to keep him still.  One Wednesday night, he fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep through services.  This is so not the normal so we had to document!  Ha!  :)
The last week of the girls break, Drew was waking up every two hours at a minimum and I'd resort at 3 am to putting him in our bed to nurse so I could get a few hours sleep.  He'd then wake up at 5 am and Keith would take him.  Keith said one morning, after he got up, Drew went back to sleep in the bouncer in the bathroom while Keith showered.  Drew stayed asleep until Keith was prepping his breakfast, then promptly woke up to "discuss" things over breakfast with his dad.  Keith captioned this picture - "The Puppet Master."
With the girls back in school, and our schedule somewhat more predictable we are starting to seriously work on some good naps and sleeping in general.  We put the cradle up.  We moved Drew's crib to the playroom for now because it is further away from the girls room, so if he cries at night he won't wake the girls.  And for the last three nights, Drew has slept on average four hours at a time.  We are still working on not nursing to sleep, and taking a nap longer than 45 minutes but hey, it's progress...we will take it!  :)

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