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Thursday, January 21, 2016

We Got a Virus

We headed back to school on last Monday and I had great intentions of starting Drew on a schedule and working on his naps.  Then the school called.  Carli was sick, dry heaving and I needed to go rescue her.  So I woke Drew up from his nap, put him in some decent warm clothes and off we went.  Carli was miserable.  She had a really weird virus in that she'd get sick 4 to 5 hours after she ate.  The time between when she ate and when she got sick she act perfectly fine.  But then her fever would spike and she'd start moaning, groaning and putting on a serious pitiful show before she got sick.  This went on for two days.  So for two nights, she slept in our room on an air mattress for Keith to see after and I slept with Ava in Carli's bed and took care of Drew. 

Carli was feeling much better by Tuesday evening but she had had fever at 3 that afternoon so she had to stay home again on Wednesday.  We spent the day doing her homework and making Drew's Thank You cards. 

The rest of the family had been guzzling Welch's Grape Juice and doubling up on ProEM-1, and crossing our fingers we'd be spared.  The week went ended with no one else getting sick and we sighed in relief.

The next week the girls had Monday off, so we were getting ready for school on Tuesday and all was normal.  Everyone was just about ready for school and I was fixing Ava's hair when she suddenly said, "I think I need to go potty."  I asked if she could wait just a minute b/c I was almost done with her hair.  She said sure thing.  But then she started doing the potty dance and looked up at me and said she really had to go.  So I am holding her hair and start to walk her to the bathroom when she looks up at me and her eyes got really big and said, "Momma, I gotta go!" and she fainted.  Just fell to the floor.  Smacked her head really good on the wall before I caught her from hitting the floor.  Scared the living day lights out of me.  I scooped her up and laid her on the bed and she came too pretty quickly and the first thing she said was she still needed to potty.  So I rushed her to the bathroom and she got sick.  :(

Ava had not been spared and was staying home.  The entire day she begged for food and acted just fine.  She stayed home two days but after her initial fainting episode she never got sick again.  Weirdest thing ever!  While she was home, she took full advantage and took hour long bubble baths both days.  :)

She got to watch lots of Disney and cuddle with her Whitey Tighty.  We did her school work and some coloring and game playing.

She went back to school on Thursday and was just fine.  Drew is still not on a good napping schedule...

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