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Monday, August 22, 2016

2016 First Day of School

We survived another first day of school!  It was a pretty smooth morning, even Drew cooperated by sleeping most of the night and waking up to have breakfast with the girls!  School is starting 10 minutes earlier than last year so we were up and at it at 6:30 to make sure we had enough time to park and walk the girls in...plus take pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures!

Ava was pretty excited to go see her friends but I think as the time for leaving for school neared she got more and more nervous.  She went from bubbly and talkative to a little more solemn.  She did at least smile for a picture or two!  :)

Carli was up and ready to go this morning.  No asking her twice to get out of bed.  She is my little learner and thoroughly enjoys all things school.  Especially the rules.  She loves the rules of school...but not so much the rules of home.  I'm not sure that's very fair...

Sibling picture before we all cram in the car for the ride to school!

We took Carli to her class first.  She wasn't that thrilled to have me walk her in but hey...I needed a picture!  Ava was more clingy and resigned.  She was a little anxious about sitting across from Grayson and her best buddy Bella had not shown up yet.  But she did at least give me a smirk before I left...

And the annual picture that started as a fluke back in 2012 and was one of my most favorite pictures of all.  We've taken it every year since.  The girls didn't so much want to hold hands for me...I may have to throw Drew in the mix next year just to get them to cooperate...but for now, the traditional picture has made it another year.

Drew and I had a very quiet day.  He worked hard all day destroying one room and then the next.  I may have helped him as I decided to purge the girls art supplies/desk area and make room for more Drew toys.  One bag of trash and one box of donated stuff later we finished just in time to go get our girls from school.  They both were all smiles.  Carli declared Mrs. Shofner to be an even better teacher than she thought possible.  Ava decided Grayson wasn't such a bad little boy to be friends with as long as he didn't kiss her any more!  Ha!  We stopped for ice cream on our way home so they could dish about the details of their day.  We ended the first day of school with their favorite dinner of chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese and I threw in some green beans they complain about eating.  We called both sets of grandparents to report on the first day of school, then showers and in bed before 8...I'd call it a successful first day of school!

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