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Monday, August 1, 2016

Softball Tryouts

Carli had her official softball try out for the team out of Alto/Rusk on Saturday morning.  Ava tried out as well but mostly she was there to support Carli.  Carli did an awesome job!  Ava did a good job too!

The team asked Carli if she would like to play with them and she said she would like to do that!  And then right off the bat they had a scrimmage on Sunday evening.  This was one of the things we struggled with in deciding what to do about softball for Carli.  We knew that looking for a team that played tournaments might mean missing church service one evening or morning but we did not anticipate practice being the cause for our absence.  We tentatively committed to playing after talking to the coach and him understanding that once it cooled off we could move practices so they did not interefer with church. 

Sunday evening Carli played in the scrimmage.  She did pretty good.  You could tell she was nervous and we held our tongues to not be the ones to correct mistakes.  She handled the coaches well.  Turned out they needed a volunteer ump for the scrimmage and Pa got roped into it.  I think he had more fun than Carli did!

We got home Sunday evening and Carli fell apart.  She had a mini-anxiety attack.  I was stumped.  But Keith said he got it, that is how he handled stress too.  Here I was thinking the worst part was over.  The try out was done, she made the team and the girls were very kind to her.  But the combo of nerves, allergies and not eating had taken their toll.  It took us an hour but Carli finally got calmed down and relaxed and went to sleep.  The next morning she was fine and said she was looking forward to practice later in the week.  So, we shall see!!

In the meantime, we bought her a big thermos for water and Carli and I decorated it!  :)

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