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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


We have had so much fun this summer with our neighbors.  Branson has been a constant companion most of the summer.  He and the girls get a long really well.  And on the days they just don't click, no biggie, they all go their separate ways and try again another day.  Some days the girls spend most of the day at Branson's house and a lot of times they are at our house all day. 

One day I was working really hard to get Drew to nap and had finally given up and just was rocking Drew while he napped.  It turned into a 3 hr nap and I was enjoying the rest and quiet but was kind of itching to know what was going on in the rest of the house b/c there were 3 other kids and it sure was quiet!

When Drew woke up, we found Carli, Branson and Ava had spent the three hours asking the Magic 8 ball questions and it turns out after asking the Magic 8 ball over 20 times if Carli and Branson were girlfriend and boyfriend, Magic 8 ball said they were and so it came to be...

We have been thoroughly entertained listening to the planning that goes into being a boyfriend and girlfriend at 7 years old.  It is a very serious matter.  They have planned out their house, land, family and jobs.  And have agreed it is a secret from everyone but family. 

Branson started calling Carli "Girlfriend" and is quite serious about it.  He created himself a Wii character on our system and it is labeled "Boyfriend" and when Carli was busy with Ava, he renamed her Wii character "Girlfriend." 

Branson declared when they were married he would work and make $50 a day.  And Carli said she would be a waitress.  Branson said, no, no you can't do that, you must be a home-mom.  Carli replied but Ava is the AUnt and she can watch the kids.  Branson threw his hands in the hair and said that just won't work b/c babysitter's cost like a $100 a day!  So Ava announced it would be okay, she'd just babysit for free! 

It's been so fun to watch and listen to them play and be so innocent!  Tonight, Branson's biggest worry was what he would call Carli at school b/c he's so use to calling her Girlfriend he might forget and then he'd be in trouble with her! 

Branson even went with Carli to her tryout for a softball team the other day.  I'm convinced that Carli was able to keep her cool and not let her anxiety get the best of her b/c Branson was there.  When we moved from our house in Whitehouse, one of the biggest things we missed was the kids having friends in the neighborhood.  It's been such a great summer watching the girls play with their new friends and making so many fun memories!

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