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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sassy Sluggers

Carli was asked to join the East Texas Attitude and she was pretty excited after getting over the anxiety of trying out.  The following week, before she even had a chance to go to an official practice we got a call that they were moving the team to Lufkin which was way to far for us to drive.  :(
So Carli and I scouted out a couple of teams who were advertising tryouts.  We ruled out one team because the coach was loud and we knew that would conflict with Carli's personality.  The other team we drove over to Palestine and had an individual practice.  Carli was a bit nervous but loosened up a great deal when she realized she was just going to play catch and hit the ball for the coaches.  She did an amazing job and they invited her to join their team.
She had her first official practice with the team that same Friday evening.  She was crazy nervous but the girls on the team were amazing.  They talked to her and helped her feel very welcomed.  I was so glad.  There is nothing harder than watching your child have to work through her own fear.

After her first practice as a Sassy Slugger, where she seriously has gotten the dirtiest I have ever seen her get playing she asked if we could go to Little Mexico for dinner.  And of coarse we did b/c when a girl works through the crazy emotions of fear, she gets to pick where we have dinner!

The very next day the team was hosting a car wash.  We gave Carli the option to go or not.  It was to help raise money toward the team insurance and tournament entry fees.  Carli wanted to go and that was a good sign!  She had a blast and worked hard.  Her Uncle Andy and Aunt Chelle came by and so did Becky and her parents! 

I pray we have finally found a good fit for Carli and softball.  She still says she doesn't want to play but she's all smiles and laughs when she gets to practice and around her new friends.  Our goal for softball is not so much to be an all star and win but for Carli to learn the game and how to work with others.  There's so much more to the game than winning it. 
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