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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Reveal

You would think telling your family that baby #2 was on the way might be easier...and I guess it would have had we just taken the easy way out and called them all. But we didn't want to start this baby out already getting the bad end of the deal being the second baby. So, we tried to make this "telling" as special and memorable as we made Carli's.

It was like pulling teeth to convince our parents to all eat together once we got them in one location. Then to convince them to bring no siblings was another battle. But alas we got them all together at Red Robin in Arlington. My parents were there already for a doc appt and we had gotten Terry and Tessie there under the pretext of taking Carli to the zoo. Mrs. Pearman (Mom #3) was in on the secret and helped us out by making Carli's outfit that you all saw in the previous pics. Didn't it turn out so cute?! We all got to the restaurant and after we ordered I took Carli for a diaper change and changed her into her "1 of 2" shirt as well.

This reveal was not quite as dramatic as the first, b/c Terry and Tessie had it figured out before they even left Amarillo. All that begging and pleading to get them to eat with us all apparently gave it away. My dad was a little slower to get it, but when he did and we told him we thought it was a boy, he was pretty excited. We turned the camera off too soon to capture his reaction. Mom's was pretty funny too - she said that she should have known with Carli and she said that again this time. She is pretty quiet about voicing her opinion...maybe one day she'll catch us in our deception! Terry and Tessie had bought Carli a cool little "Big Sister" shirt...think they figured it out?! I didn't get a pic of it though.

All in all, it was a good "reveal." I was more nervous to tell them all this time. Not sure why, but I was. I was relieved to have them all know. I called my brothers - their reactions were the exact opposite as last time. Anthony's was pretty loudly exuberant. Andy's was just like Anthony was when we told him about Carli - pure shock. Love those guys. They are pretty funny. I called my Grandma and Keith got to tell his brother later than night. Then everyone else found out on here or I mailed out announcements Monday morning too.

We do think that this one is a boy - we took the at home gender test at week 10 and it said without a doubt it was a boy. We won't get the doctor's official word until after Christmas.

Below is our video, with our meager amount of pics...we'll do better Baby #2...it was just a fluke that we forgot to take more pics!

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EM Eric said...

Congrats on #2 coming along!