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Thursday, November 19, 2009

It must be the 13's

What a week it has been. It seems that things just keep needing to get done, but no extra time appears in the day for me to get it all accomplished. Or rather, the energy just isn't there to get it all done! Granted this week has been my most challenging in dealing with a 13 month old and being 13 weeks pregnant - it must be the 13 thing. I had my fair chance to have a pity party but Grammy rescued all involved on Tuesday and I've decided to find the good in the chaos - why not?

Tuesdays *Positive* Thoughts:

  • I got to take a morning nap when Carli took her nap - even if it was just 20 minutes long.
  • Carli and I got to eat lunch with Keith before we headed to Alto & Carli slept in the truck all the way to Alto and thus we avoided WWIII of nap taking away from home.
  • I forgot my wallet, Keith just gave me a peck on your check and his debit card so I wouldn't be without cash.
  • I then lost the debit card on an emergency trip to the store to get a Dr. Pepper and Snickers, and when I gathered up the courage to give him a call and break the news to him, he just laughs at me and says it will be okay. (Probably helps that Keith rarely gets angry at anyone.)
  • Grammy finds the debit card in the truck within minutes of surviving the dreaded call, we are all relieved - but still owe Grammy $5 for the gas she put in the truck so we could get home!
  • Crashed Grammy's UIL practice after school b/c I just needed to get out and she took Carli while I watched little munchkins take their practice test - really, I just sit there and did nothing. It was nice.
  • Grammy helped me finish my work, find a debit card and told us it would all be okay even after she had a crazy day too, thank goodness for Grammy's!

Other "Obvious" Positives

  • Carli thinks standing on the couch is funny and even more so if you tell her to sit down sternly. It seriously cracks her up!
  • Grandma, Pawpaw, and Aunt Carolyn came by to visit yesterday. We were very happy to see them all. Carli sit in Grandma's lap and sang Bye-O-Baby with her.
  • I got to go to the chiropractor yesterday, a must when pregnant!
  • I can't stand whining, it drives me nuts! Carli is slowly learning a little sign language that is helping get rid of some of her frustrated whining. So far we have accomplished: More, Please and All Done.
  • I think I'm going to cut my hair off. I've defeated all the odds of being pregnant and my hair is falling out in handfuls...I can't take it any more!!
  • Morning Sickness (All day sickness for me) is pretty much passed! Woohoo! As long as I eat every two to three hours, we are all happy!
  • Sunday mornings are the hardest on the nausea and I forgot to bring a snack to have in class so I wouldn't get sick, but our good friends Kori and David brought donuts to class! Woohoo! Awesome!
  • I came home from the grocery store with powdered donuts and Promise Land Chocolate Milk and had absolutely no regrets eating it for breakfast all week!
  • If you tell Carli we are going to change her diaper, there is a 50/50 chance she will walk into her room to her changing pad.
  • If you get her on the changing pad there is a 50/50 chance when you ask her to lay down, she will!
  • We have been truly blessed that although we found out we bought a "lemon" of a car, the dealership is picking it up today and we are only out our time and frustration. That I can handle!
  • Big thanks to Grammy and Pa for the use of the reliable "Hooptie" until we find another vehicle. Sure makes life easier!

And do you know what one of the best things in the world is? Clean sheets and shaved legs...makes any "challenging" day so much better! :)

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