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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Christmas

This year on Thanksgiving Day, we headed to Waco to celebrate Thanksgiving Christmas with my family. We got up Thursday morning, seriously scooped Carli up out of her bed and put her in the car seat and off we went! Carli did really well on our 3 hr drive - she read books, drank her milk and sang the first two hours.

After two hours she had had enough and thankfully we were in Fairfield. So we made a pit stop at Aunt Carolyn's and let her play a bit with her cousins Jake & Allison and of coarse their puppy dog, Miley. After running some extra energy off, and getting a frantic call from Pa to hurry up and come rescue him! Logan was wearing him out - we loaded back up again, and took Allison and Jake with us and off we went!

Thanksgiving Christmas is when we celebrate our family Christmas at Thanksgiving. Only the little kids get presents and the adults do a Chinese Gift Exchange. I got the best gift in that deal - a basket full of snickers - mmmmm! Nobody even tried to steal a basket full of chocolate from the pregnant lady! Carli had a great time, she got some books (which she loves), some money, candy and look below - she got hooked up with a 4-wheeler AKA the Vroom-Vroom as she calls it!

She seriously was little Ms. Social. She loved Logan's playroom and all his books. She had just brought Uncle Andy a book to read and was sitting there so nice and sweet and then I tried to get a picture and off she went...go figure. One day I'll get a picture of the two of them together!

Allison was the best little baby sitter. I seriously thought I had the day off! She didn't need any help from me and kept Carli quite busy the whole day! The only time she came to get me was when Carli discovered the dog bowls and was soaked from head to toe with water - and I'm pretty sure had a few bites before I got there! :)

Overall - we had an awesome Thanksgiving Day - Carli had an absolute blast! We only made a day trip, but really it wasn't too shabby. We spent Friday working outside and Carli enjoyed her new Vroom-Vroom!

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