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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving in Rockwall

Saturday morning we headed out again - Carli's feet never touched the floor in our house that day! We got up and got ready to go and got her straight from her bed to the car seat - she was okay with that b/c we bribed her with milk and goldfish, a baby's dream! Our 1.5 hr drive to Rockwall was a piece of cake and we meet up with Naggy, Pappy and Uncle Kevin for breakfast at IHOP.

After breakfast, Carli had some bonding time with everyone while Keith and I set out on a mission to find Yo Baby Drinkable Yogurt - we were successful and very proud of ourselves! :)

While we were gone, Carli wooed Uncle Kevin into feeding her more goldfish...

With our mission complete it was time to join the rest of the family and start in on our second Thanksgiving celebration. I did a horrible job of picture taking. I was a bit tired and out of it most of the day - but we did manage to get the few important pics: Carli with Naggy and Carli with Pappy!

We had this feast at Emily and Nathan's house in Rockwall, and Carli had a blast with all the new toys. I wish I could say she and her two year old cousin, Isabella, hit it off and played wonderfully together - but alas it was not to be. They wanted each other's toys and even the ppl they were playing with. After a little while, a truce was reached and everyone pretty much just entertained themselves...we were able to snag on picture of the girls together:

We once again headed home at bedtime and Carli had her bath at the hotel before we hit the road. We got home by 9:45 and put Carli straight to bed - her feet never even hit the ground! Thanks so much to Emily and Nathan for sharing their home and to Aunt Sarah for all the food! It was wonderful to see everyone!

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