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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lemons and Stitches

We've been busy this week and a little stressed, but have survived thus far.

We discovered on Sunday that our Ford Certified Mountaineer was a lemon...well, not that bad, but it definitely was not qualified to be certified. Back in Sept, we sold our Volvo and found this 08 Mountaineer online at a dealership in the metroplex. We basically bought it sight unseen b/c it was Ford Certified which means it was as close to new as you could get! It had low miles, leather seats and a 3rd row. Originally, I had wanted a Volvo XC90, but they are way more expensive and this car had everything we needed. After, over a month of dealing with mishaps from the dealership not filling out paperwork right, sending the car back once to fix a misaligned door and other fun stuff. We had decided to file a complaint against the dealership and took the car to our Mechanic (an awesome guy) to have him look things over "just in case." I really expected him to find a few minor things...but he came back with disappointing news. Rust on the undercarriage, gouges in the seat, leaks under the hood, bad tires, need new brake pads...and the list just goes on. Very disappointing and frustrating. Thankfully, the dealership is stepping up - Keith is talking to them again today. We are not keeping this car - it will come down to if we get our money back or if they find us another vehicle. I have mixed feelings about trusting them...but decided that I was a bit emotional given the hormones...so I am leaving it up to Keith. Send up a prayer for us if you think about it. We are blessed that the dealership is stepping up and trying to make things right and that we are not stuck with a vehicle that was not worth what we paid for it. And that is how our week begin!

Monday afternoon, I was scheduled to have my birthmark taken off. I had put it off a long time. I even played the "but I'm pregnant" card and my OB had no sympathy and told me to have it taken off. Bummer. It was in the shape of a diamond and at it's widest point was as tall as a quarter and about as long as the short side of a credit card...not sure that makes sense...but it was large. It had changed during my pregnancy with Carli so it had to go. My one defining mark...gone. :( I really was kind of sad. The surgery part didn't scare me as much as the shot they give you to numb it up. I had had that shot in the bottom of my foot more than once and it hurt, it hurt bad. Apparently that is one of the worst spots to get such a shot in...and the back really wasn't bad. So I survived. Two hours, 20 inner stitches and 14 external stitches my birthmark was gone. They only let me take Tylenol for pain...and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I am surviving. It feels like there is a huge ball on my back, but we rebandaged it last night and it looked really good - no excessive bleeding which is what the doc was concerned with. I go back in two weeks to "see" about have the external stitches removed.

So - thus has been our week thus far. It's been fun! Thank goodness for Aunt Carolyn who came and watched Carli for us while I had my surgery. They had a blast! And thanks to Dad for all his advise on the car situation. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful support system!

Have a Happy Hump Day!

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