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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ava's Baby Shower

We have been blessed by a wonderful group of ppl at Shiloh Road and even more so by our friends we have made there. I know it is not unusual to not have a baby shower for a second born child, especially if they are of the same sex as your first born. I was a little worried that Ava wouldn't have something that was just her's. I'm all about hand-me-downs, consignment shops, etc. But every child should have something that is just theirs. And having an empty baby book is a little depressing (not to say that I have completely filled out Carli's but I have tried.) So, when the girls at church asked me about doing a shower for Ava - I was more than thankful for their efforts.

Carli was not able to go to the shower, and I was sad b/c she would have had a blast. My Grandma and Mom got to come and a surprise visit from Naggy and Aunt Sarah made for a fun afternoon.

Since Carli wasn't there to help me with gifts, Allie filled in and had a blast!

The amazing spread of food - a pregnant woman's delight! Mostly all chocolate!
And this little cupcake is heaven - Keith said, "It's like eating a chocolate cake with ice cream on it...only there is no ice cream!"
Ava's gifts to the hostesses - on one side we put a little note from Ava, and on the other a Bible verse that corresponded to the plaque in the basket.

Cute little poem from Ava.
Ava's gift from the hostess! She got a cradle and we already got it all set up and ready for her to come home and sleep in. She may not have a bed or any of her clothes out of the attic, but thanks to some wonderful ladies, she has a place to lay her head!

Thanks again ladies for all your time and generosity. We are so thankful for you all and appreciative of each and everyone of you.

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