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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Woohoo - It's Spring!

Carli and I had an absolutely perfect day last Saturday (if you don't include the number of diapers Carli managed to soak through...but that's another story).  Saturday we loaded up bright and early and headed out for a day in Dallas with Grammy.  Carli did AWESOME in the car.  I was very surprised and pleased.  She never had a melt down!  Sure made the day a bit easier for sure!  So our first stop was to pick up Suzy Q - and Carli got to meet Alpacas for the first time.  They are interesting looking creatures.  She thought they were horses and neighed at them.  After we got Suzy Q, it was off to see Uncle Danny.  Uncle Danny is the most awesome uncle.  I found a bed on craigslist that is the Jenny Lind style AND coverts to a toddler bed for only $50!  He not only went and picked it up for us but he stored it for us until we got up to see him and pick it up.  He also let Suzy Q hang out in his yard while us women folk continued our day of pretending to have plans and deviating from them when we came across a sign for an estate sale, etc...

Grammy found some really neat stools at the estate sale we went too.  They stack up on each other, and are antiques.  She said growing up they use to have some just like them - so it was pretty cool.  Plus, by the time we got to the sale, everything was 50% off  AND Carli was there to test the stools out and assure Grammy that they were most definately the right size for the grandkids!  Woohoo!  Love Estate Sales...

And finally...how could you resist this?

I kept an eye on craigslist all day while we were in the big city and talked to a couple of folks who had a Little Tikes slide and climb unit.  As we were heading home we got lucky and found a used one for only $40!  To say that Carli enjoys it would be an understatement.  The age on this unit says 18 mths to 3 yrs or something like that.  So Carli needs a little help climbing it, but that doesn't slow her down!  Thank goodness the weather has been super nice this week b/c every morning I hear "Side, Slide?" and it is rather difficult to say no to that!  I have tons more cute pics of her playing, but blogger wasn't cooperating all week.  Maybe we will get some more good ones with Naggy and Pappy here this wkd.

Oh!  And to top off the perfect day, with awesome finds...dinner at Little Mexico in Palestine.  This pregnant lady was in heaven!  :)

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