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Friday, October 15, 2010

Amarillo Trip

Well, it has been almost a month, but finally I am getting around to posting about our trip to Amarillo in September. Life happened, and I'm just slow! :)

We were brave and opted to fly from Dallas to Amarillo instead of drive. Well, I would say we were semi brave. We had to get there, and Ava screams 9 times out of 10 when in the car seat, and she doesn't give up easily - so driving was not an option. Flying from Tyler, well, we haven't had much luck there and end up with delays, etc which is not a lot of fun with two kids. So we compromised and drove 2 hrs to go with the most dependable, Southwest Airlines.

It worked out well, Ava screamed at me all afternoon and Carli refused a nap. So when we got loaded in the car to drive, they were both so exhausted they slept the whole way! Woohoo! Uncle Danny is a saint and he took us to the airport so we didn't have to mess with parking. We got there and were checking in and the lady tells us, your flight is delayed until 12:35 am (it was currently 6:45 pm), but there is a flight boarding right now, you can try to make it! YIKES! So we rushed through the airport (security took FOREVER! ) and got to the gate as the closed the door to the plane. :( Bummer, but what can you do? It all worked out - they ended up bringing a new plane and we left by 9:30 or so. The girls did great, slept the whole way and we got to Amarillo by 10:30 with no major fits.

One thing we learned with having two kids...going to visit Pappy and Naggy makes car rides interesting...yep, thats me sitting in front of Carli...sometimes you make sacrifices for your kids and you can't deny both grandparents coming to see them at the airport! :) Good thing Pappy has a big 4 door Ford Truck that has lots of room!
To say Pappy didn't enjoy his grandbabies would have been a HUGE lie! :) He ate it up!

Here's Ava and Pappy having a nice chat.

Carli playing peek a boo with Pappy.

Bath time!

We had a packed 4 days, and part of our time was spent in family pictures - a different post to share those pics later. But as you can see, Carli had a grand time! :)

Really, she did just as long as no one was asking her to say cheese on their terms...she had her own agenda.

Later, we met some extended family at Mr. Ghatties (SP?) for an early mini birthday party and to visit. Carli LOVED the mini carousel and train ride.

We had a great time and the girls did really well. I was especially relieved that Ava did so well as this was our first big trip with her. I had thought I lost my camera when we left home, but later found it in the bottom of the diaper bag. So, I did get some shots of Ava's second official plane ride and Carli who acts like she is a pro at it now! (Except when it comes to going through security and taking off her shoes!)

The last leg of the trip home went well too. We stayed at Uncle Danny's house and had lunch until the girls were sleepy and then we loaded up and headed home. Couldn't have asked it all to work out any better! They both slept and we enjoyed the peacefulness!

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