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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

This was the first year we really have participated in Halloween. Carli was only 4 weeks old on her first Halloween and then last year we were in Dallas telling family that Ava was on her way - so I guess you can say that Carli was dressed up as a Big Sister last year. But this year, we had a costume and even went to Trunk R Treat! Yeah us! Keith wasn't with us because he got to go to a once in a lifetime event - the World Series! Woohoo - Go Rangers!

Since Keith wasn't here, we recruited Grammy, Pa and Grandma to come spend Sunday afternoon with us and go to church and Trunk R Treat. Pa and Grandma actually watched Carli all afternoon while Grammy, Ava and I went shopping for some new clothes for the two weddings we are attending this month - then we all met at church and after service went to Trunk R Treat. It was a fun evening and we are very thankful for Grammy, Pa and Grandma coming with us!

Given Carli's recent obsession with Minnie Mouse, it was only fitting that that was what she would be for Halloween. I was pretty proud of the whole outfit! :)

Carli isn't too keen on being around a lot of ppl she doesn't know. But as we were getting started, her buddy Lizzie showed up - and that helped a lot. They started off hand in hand and that was enough to get Carli going...

Ava was our Green M&M. Keith and I bought this outfit back in May of 2008 when we went to NYC. We took Carli's 6 month pics in it - I think we will have to have Ava's done as well!

We found our friend Kenzie and Caril proceeded to do this the whole time...

I finally got close enough to hear her ask Kenzie where the slide was, Carli doesn't forget easily! I told her that we had to go Trick R Treating and find Kenzie before we could go down the slide...and I guess when she found Kenzie she thought the slide would be right there too!

Ha ha - my girls - Carli has a Pirate's Snarl! :) My once very photogenic child is not so much any more. That's okay, maybe Ava will fill in the void!

Here Carli is going to find Pa and Grandma to show them all she collected.

Ava has gotten pretty good at sitting up on her own - still not good enough that I would leave her on the floor unattended, but we are getting there!

And this was the best picture I got of them together - Carli was very cooperative!

We found our good buddy Riley before we headed home for the night.

She had to take Riley to show him her Grammy, Pa and Grandma - Riley didn't seem to mind.

All in all we had a good time and were very thankful for Grammy, Pa and Grandma's help! I even managed to give both girls a bath and get them in bed by myself! Not a bad day at all...now if the Rangers would just win....

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