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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Carli's First Day of Preschool

Carli started preschool yesterday. I started looking for a preschool program about November when we found out that Sassy wouldn't be able to watch this girls this semester. I didn't want to start all over with the girls having to adjust to someone they didn't know. Plus I had planned to enroll Carli is a preschool program in August. I figured I might as well start looking. We got very lucky to find out our good friend, Kayla, had the perfect schedule for stepping in to help us out. And the same week, we heard about Oak Tree Academy Preschool. After asking around, and touring the school, we decided to go ahead and enroll Carli to start in January since they had an opening so that it would guarantee her spot in the Fall as well as guarantee Ava a spot if we were ready to start Ava in a program as well.

So all that said, today was the big day. Carli was excited most of the morning. She would make little comments like:

"Momma, you stay close to me so I won't be sad."
"I'll go to school and so will Ava and we will have lots of fun!"
"Logan will be with me at school and I will learn lots."
"I'm going to a Princess School!"

So I wasn't sure what to expect when we got to school. I think I was more nervous than she was. We walked in, and Carli had a death grip on my hand or maybe it was the other way around. I turned in our paperwork and we went to her little classroom. There was only one other little boy in the room when we got there and I think that was a HUGE help! Carli looked around and saw the puzzles on the table and told me she was going to go do those puzzles and she would see me after school! That was that! Ava and I left, and no tears were shed!

Carli and her new backpack from Naggy and Pappy

She'll grow into it!! :)

The school starts at 9:30 and is over at one. It is perfect timing b/c Keith takes a late lunch and swings by to pick her up. He said she must have done well b/c the teacher didn't say anything about her having a hard time. It helped that her friend Kenzie came by about 11:30 to say Hi while she and her Mom were having a tour of the school!

I was worried about Carli eating her lunch but she did a fairly good job eating what we packed. Score one for Mom! They got home about 1:15 and Carli was all smiles!

While Carli was off being a big girl at school, Ava was home wearing Kayla out while Momma crammed in some work. Ava seriously enjoyed being the center of attention. She played so hard she took a 3 hour nap for Kayla! Not too shabby for our first day in our new schedules. On Thursday's, while big sister is at school, Ava and I are going to have some good one-on-one time and go to a kindermusik class. She really enjoyed the one we did last semester, so I think she will eat up getting to go again and having my undivided attention!

Man, where did the time go...

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