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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas in Alto

We got home from our trip to Amarillo on Thursday evening and were up and ready to go to Alto on Friday morning. It's amazing to me that Carli didn't collapse from exhaustion as she went from being so excited about seeing and playing with Naggy and Pappy to demanding and begging to see Logan!

Grammy had a special story planned for the kiddos....you'll have to check out the video in the previous post to note the awesome memories there!

Logan, Carli and Ava in front of their Christmas Tree covered in tinsel from their spiders and the big snowman!

Ava quickly found a nice cup holder in her new plasma car!

A very special moment between Grandma and Ava
Logan's new grill!!
Pa's new bat!
He had made some passing comment to Keith about wanting this Jackie Robinson 33 bat. I was pretty impressed that after six months Keith remembered and found one - I think it is a 35, but close enough! We knew he liked it when he said, "I think I may sleep with this!"
Uncle Tone's new tablet
We all had to go in to get this one for him, and he loved it!
Grammy's growing ruler
We made this for Grammy to put at the lake house to mark the grandkids growth!
Ava wasn't in such a sharing mood with her new puzzle!
Andy and Michelle's gift was really neat. Mom and I got together and planned six date nights for them. We made up six envelopes and put a date in each envelope and made sure to include a gift certificate, brochures, etc so the hard part of the planning is done! They can enjoy each others company and take a break from reality!
Christmas in Alto was great! The kids loved spending time with each other most of all and you really can't beat seeing someone smile from ear to ear with happiness when they open a gift you gave them! That is the best gift of all!
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