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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grammy's Sewing Room

In Christmas of 2007, Keith and I gave my mom the promise of building her a window seat unit with a bookcase in her sewing room. Then in January 2008 we found out we were pregnant. So, four years, two kids, a new floor and new windows later, we finally came through on our promise!

The actual "gift certificate" we gave my Mom four years ago...she saved it!

Grammy and Pa went to Hawaii on January 7th and we got busy! We actually all spent the night at their house the night before under the pretense that we would get a jump start on a drive to Houston for my cousin's baby shower. The girls and I went to the shower and Keith stayed in Alto to measure, go buy wood and start cutting!!

**In the pictures below, you can double click on them to make them bigger.**

Here is the room before.
Everything in there belonged in there, just no storage!

Monday was the first official work day. I cleaned out the room and spent the day sorting fabric while Keith started building! He got the bottom shelves done on Monday.

Tuesday I had to work and stay home with the girls, so Keith worked alone. He made good progress by finishing up the bottom shelves and facings as well as getting the top bookcases built.

Wednesday was a detail day. Though you may not see it in the pictures, a lot happened on this day! Keith finished up the facings on the the bookcases and got them all secured to the wall. He also got the top piece (between the two bookcases) built. I finished sanding and cleaning the PVC pipes that Grandma had started that would be used for storage.

Thursday I had to work again so Keith worked by himself. He got all the trim finished and the top piece installed, including lights!

Friday we started the day caulking...lots and lots of caulking but man does it make a difference! We got that done by 10:30 and put a coat of primer on. We ate lunch at 2:30 and made the decision that we would go get the girls and bring them to "Hotel Grammy" so that we could do another coat of paint that night.

Saturday we finished the second coat of paint and declared the main piece of our project finished! Keith loaded up the girls and took them home about 1 pm and I stayed to put everything up! I finally got home at 9 pm.

Here is the "BIG REVEAL!" I thought it turned out awesome! I think the fabric closet is pretty cool looking! The only thing that could have made it better was to have seen Grammy's reaction in person!

We owe a HUGE thanks to Sassy and Kayla for watching the girls for us most of the week. Kayla even came to Alto on Saturday morning so we could finish painting. Thanks also to Grandma, Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Johnny for coming Saturday afternoon. Without your organization skills and help we could not have finished getting everything put up!!

Thanks also to Pa for helping to keep our intentions a secret and answering our random texts and questions throughout the week all while not letting on to Grammy what we were doing!

Grammy, we hope you enjoy your new sewing room. Sorry it took four years for us to come through, but we think it turned out better this way b/c Keith's skills in building have greatly improved over the last four years! :) The cherry pie was fabulous! Thanks!


SuAnne said...

Cassie told me about this wonderful surprise when she got home. I'm so glad to see the pictures, I can't wait to see it in person. What a great surprise!

Amanda said...

That is beautiful! You guys do amazing work! What a great idea to use the PVC for organizing fabric. What a sweet and wonderful gift.