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Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas in Amarillo

We spent five days in Amarillo and I'm pretty sure we wore Naggy and Pappy out! :) We flew in on Christmas Eve. It was by far the easiest travel we have experienced with the girls. We had no crazy long lines at the airport and there were no delays. It was a huge relief.

Carli had been so excited about going to see Naggy and Pappy. It was all she could talk about for weeks. She was also excited to get to stay at a hotel the night before and go swimming. We are pretty sure that the thought Naggy and Pappy would be at the hotel as well but the distraction of swimming got us out of that potential melt down. We scored a sweet deal at the Hilton Anatole in downtown Dallas for the night before and "enjoyed" taking the girls swimming. We headed out by 6:30 to the airport to "go way up high in the sky to see Naggy and Pappy!"

Carli was so happy to see everyone! I should have video taped the reunion b/c I missed taking a picture of all her hugs! She was so cute running through the airport when she saw Naggy and Pappy. I captured one hug she gave Aunt Megan.

I'm pretty sure Naggy and Pappy were just as excited!

The girls played the whole week on Naggy's treadmill. Naggy helped them excercise and they even used it as the converyer belt for their luggage when the played "airport."

Ava hanging out with her Daddy.

We pretty much got off the airport and went straight to the house to have Christmas. Naggy was so excited! :) Santa (and everyone else) was super nice to Carli and Ava this year!

One of Carli's ever famous poses...

Ava checking out her new book.

M&M's...thanks Santa!

Carli opening her stocking.

In the middle of opening presents, they needed a snack...on their new plates...and of coarse it was M&M's!

After presents were over, we just got to hang out with Uncle Kevin, Aunt Megan, Naggy and Pappy. We had lots of fun playing in the snow, playing with Henry, playing with our new toys and eating lots of yummy food!

Ava all snuggled up and ready to brave the cold!

The most played with toy was of coarse a box! Aunt Megan let the girls have the box one of her gifts came in and with the help of Uncle Kevin even cut some window holes in it for the girls.

They played and played....

And played!!

At the extended family get together, Ava got a little doll that when you push it's belly it giggles. She was instantly in love! She slept with her new baby the rest of the time we were there!

Our gift to Naggy was a "growing" ruler to put up to track her grandkids height. It's the same concept of using the door jam but we wanted to make sure she could bring it with her when the moved to Tyler... :)
We had an awesome time in Amarillo. I had a momma break and read three books! It was really nice! Ava must have been working on a tooth b/c true to form she had another nasty diaper and got sick the night before we were to head home. The girl likes to make me stress! But she did fine on the plane and the long drive home. We detoured through Fairfield to see our cousins who were in from Washington before heading home to our puppy dogs!

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