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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas at Home

Christmas Eve Eve, we had our Christmas at home. It was an eventful morning. The girls were in matching Christmas night gowns, only we woke up to find Ava had had her first, and I pray, her last blow out diaper. No fun. :( But we got her cleaned up and found some more Christmas PJ's so we could get to the important part of our morning...PRESENTS!!

Ava found cookies in her stocking and she pretty much was satisfied for the remainder of the morning. I'm not sure where her sweet tooth comes from! :)

Ava modeling her new toboggan and eating a cookie.

Carli opened this gift and immediately started drawing. I asked her to hold it up and show me what she drew. It's Naggy and Pappy's house all the way up in Amarillo! Do you see it?

One of Ava's homemade gifts, a fabric pull. If I could just get her to put the fabric back in the box when she pulls it all out! This was one of my first "sewing" ventures with my new machine Grammy and Pa got me for my birthday. Turns out sewing in a straight line isn't too had! :)

Carli LOVES the rainbow rice. She has played in as long as an hour at a time. She does a really good job at keeping it in the container too. Ava on the other hand tends to get more on herself than in her cup, or spoon, or container!

Carli and her Leap Pad

Rainbow Rice, a Cookie and a Baby...not a bad combo

Logan comes over to play a lot and Ava LOVES his little cars. She was happy to get her very own cars in her stocking!

Carli got some cars too...this is her "pink" car. And also a preview of our latest project, rebuilding our mantel!

Carli bought Keith some pajama shorts. She really did decide that is what he needed and this was the only pair we could find since it was the middle of winter!

I got a treadmill!! I am very excited. It's even new! :) Keith got it put together for me Sunday night and yes, I've already used it.

Our Christmas at home was really good. I do have some rather dramatic children. Carli ended up sitting at the table for a good hour b/c she didn't want to eat her mini cinnamon roll b/c I made the mistake of calling it a baby cinnamon roll. Nice. Then after we got all our Christmas cleaned up, bags packed, house picked up and almost ready to go - Ava got sick, in the kitchen, all over the island. Blah. Really a bummer since we were about to drive 2.5 hrs, stay in a hotel and fly the next day. But we got her and the kitchen cleaned up again, lined the immediate vicinity around her car seat with towel, crossed our fingers and headed out for our next Christmas in AMARILLO!!

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