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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Alamo and Bowling

Time to back track! Back in March when we got to go see Uncle Tone for the weekend, he took us to see the Alamo. Turns out the weather.com site was so wrong on the weather. When I packed it said everyday would be in the 80s. When we woke up Friday morning, it was COLD! Oops! I had actually brought some hoodies for the girls, but Keith and I were out of luck. Uncle Tone let us borrow some of his jackets...and thus is why our wardrobes were a bit interesting. All in the interest of staying warm! :)

After a yummy breakfast at IHop we headed off to see the Alamo. Uncle Tone was an awesome tour guide.

Carli and Uncle Tone

Daddy and Ava

Group picture...

Family picture...we were cold! :)

Ava checking out a cannon

The Alamo

Since we were in downtown, we went to the mall and let the girls run off some energy and we all got warmed up. Then it was time to walk down the river walk to go find lunch. The girls really enjoyed pointing out all the ducks in the water.

"Vacation" with two toddlers means that after lunch you have a scheduled nap time. Keith and I didn't complain! We all went back to the hotel and took some naps. Ideally we were going to go swimming after our naps but turns out our hotel didn't have an indoor pool and since it was in the low 50s swimming outside was not an option. Carli wasn't very happy with us!

We ended up taking the girls bowling. It took Carli awhile to warm up to the idea...Ava was in heaven with all the balls! Halfway through the frame, Carli decided she could bowl to. She was pretty good...even got a strike! The 128 score was mine...yep, I beat the boys. Ha!

After we bowled, Uncle Tone took us to his hole in the wall Italian food place. It was very very good! We ended our first day in San Antonio with full bellys and some happy, tired little girls! They were really happy to make it back to the hotel and to their beds!

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