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Sunday, April 15, 2012

John Deere Pink Blue Jean Quilt...

My best friend is having a baby and I couldn't be more excited! I'm pretty bummed that she lives all the way out in California but when I found out when her baby shower was, I just knew I had to go. Keith was great to not even bat an eye when I told him what I wanted to do! He took off a Friday and drove us to the airport and then arranged to meet up with Naggy, Pappy, Uncle Kevin and Aunt Megan for the weekend. I'm very thankful for my Mom coming with me and for my Dad sharing his airline miles to help out! Amber means a whole lot to our family. She is practically one of us and I was so happy to get to go see her even if it was for such a short trip.

For my birthday my Mom bought me a sewing machine. I have a sewing machine. A really good one made from all metal that Mom got me a while back. The only problem is that it came with no directions and well, I need directions! So Mom got me a really basic Janome to start me out on the right foot. I had tinkered with it a little making the girls some car blankets, but when I found out Amber was having a little girl I really wanted to make her a blanket. This was not just any blanket though. It had to have John Deere. It had to have blue jeans and it had to have camo. Awesome combo, right?

The history here is that my Grandma made Amber a blue jean John Deere green quilt when we were in college and Amber LOVED it! :) I thought it only fair that that sweet baby girl feel the love in California all the way from Texas!

I got a pattern online for a puff rag quilt that was pretty forgiving for this newbie sewer. It covered up lots of "oops!" and "oh shoots!" I cut up my most favorite pair of jeans that had way too many holes to count. Keith even donated his favorite pair to the cause. I found the perfect John Deer pink fabric and some camo fleece. And after cutting lots and lots of squares and some direction and advice from my Mom...away I went!!

Each square was sewn together and stuffed with poly fill....

Here's the back all laid out...

Half way through sewing!

The front of the finished quilt.

Here's a close up...see the "rag" part of the quilt. This is what covered up lost of my newbie mistakes but is also what makes it so stinkin' cute!

Front and back

The back all sewn up.

Mom made Amber some super cute burp rags and a car seat blanket too. :)

This is the closest thing I got to a picture of Amber and I. Sad right? We were too busy catching up and visiting that we forgot to get a picture. Oops. Guess I'll have to go back to visit once baby girl gets here!

We were only in California for less than two days but it was so worth it to get to see Amber and visit. Mom and I had a great time too. We got to catch up without all the normal interuptions. Can't wait for May 8th when Sweet Baby Girl Skenduli makes her appearance!

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1 comment:

SuAnne said...

Your quilt is awesome! I know Amber loved it, and everytime she sees it she will think of you and how much you love her and her sweet baby. I'm proud of you for being willing to try something like that. Your mom is a whiz with a sewing machine and I'm glad to hear about you giving it a try.