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Monday, April 30, 2012

Keith's Birthday Week

I had great intentions to a birthday week celebration for Keith.  But my big plans in my head didn't translate as well as I had liked.  It was the thought that counted though right?  Starting last Monday I wanted to give him a little gift each day and the week would end with a surprise trip to a Rangers game on Saturday.  Well, life happened and the money I had set aside to do this wonderful trip and week quickly was eaten up by some medical stuff and a new phone.  So plan B ensued.  :)

I decided to have the girls help me with a prayer specifically for their Daddy each day.  We did pretty good at this.  We missed two days doing it together (Saturday and Sunday) but I did at least hold up my end.  :)  So Keith was prayed for specifically each day.  Check.  Did I remember to tell Keith what we prayed for each day...well, maybe not.  :)  Here was our prayer list:

Monday:  Strength.  Carli prayed for Daddy to have lots of strength to take care of all the girls in his house.  :) 

Tuesday:  Spiritual Growth.  The girls didn't understand this one.  They prayed for Daddy to read his Bible. 

Wednesday:  Mind.  Carli prayed for Daddy's head to stay strong.  :)  Love her interpretation of these. 

Thursday:  Courage.  To protect us from the bears and crocodiles. 

Friday:  Joy.  We broke out into song on this one..."I got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart..."

Saturday:  Love for God.  I think Carli would have actually understood this one.  But alas, Keith got a "grown up" prayer on this day.

Sunday:  Faithfulness.  Enough said.

We also managed some other small gifts throughout the week.  We brought him a Sonic Drink one day at work.  One day we took him shopping to buy a new travel coffee mug since he has decided to drink coffee.  Thursday night, our friends watched the girls so that we could go out on a date.  Funny how fast you can eat when you don't have two little ones with you! 

Friday night, the girls went to stay at "Grammy's Hotel."  They were so so excited!

Word is that they got to eat pink pancakes in the shape of the letters "A" and "C" with whipped cream and sprinkles.  They visited Grandma, checked on the cows with Pa and made Daddy some Phinas and Ferb birthday cookies!

While the girls were having a blast at Grammy and Pa's, Keith and I slept in and spent Saturday buying him some new shoes with his birthday money, eating in peace and doing a little work outside that we had put off since it was difficult to do with our little helpers.

We finished Saturday off by meeting up at Chili's to get our munchkins back.  Sunday, which was Keith's actual birthday, we all went to church and had a plain old Sunday I guess you could say.  I did give him a pretty stinkin' good gift of taking the girls with me to Wal-mart for grocery shopping so he could have a little peace.  :)

It wasn't big.  It wasn't extravagant.  But it was heart felt with the best of intentions.  We hope that Keith enjoyed our "make-shift" birthday week for him.  Maybe next year we'll get a little more organized!

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