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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Egg Hunts

Saturday was the annual King/Bennett/Nerren reunion in Alto. What is kind of cool is my Pawpaw was one of four brothers who married two sets of sisters. Pawpaw and Uncle G.L. married the Bennett sisters and Uncle Joe and Uncle Cloyce married the Nerren sisters. Pretty cool huh? Anyway, growing up all the cousins were pretty close since there were lots of combined holiday celebrations, etc. Now that all the cousins are grandparents, etc they put together a reunion on Easter weekend to stay in touch and reminisce.

Like every good family get together, there was lots of yummy food. But the kids were pretty pumped about their Easter egg hunt! Finally the adults complied and it was time to hunt!

Pretty sure Ava wasn't sure what was going on...

Carli and Logan were getting tired of waiting! They were very ready to get the hunt going!

My new favorite picture of Carli...I can see Pawpaw in those pretty blue eyes.

It didn't take long for Ava to catch on!

The first thing Carli wanted to do when the hunt was over was show Grandma all the eggs she found!

And then it was time to inventory of the loot!

Ava absolutely clung to Allison most of the day on Saturday. Which would make you think that I would have tons of pictures of the two together. Actually I took advantage of the freedom and enjoyed the fellowship of my family! :) Ava had such a great time with Allison that she refused to nap. All day. I was impressed we didn't have a meltdown one!

Sunday after church we headed out to the lakehouse for another Easter Egg hunt with Logan. Ava had caught on to the whole concept and was so fun to watch. She would exclaimed, "Oh! Another one!" or "Ball, ball, ball!" She hunted until we told her they were all gone. Carli had fun too, but her attention span was quite short. After 10 minutes she declared herself done and needed to go play! :)

Ava wearing her Lion hat from Grammy

Here we go....

All done! And this is just a sample of how our attempt at a group picture went most of the day!

And finally, my new favorite picture of Ava Bo...

We had an awesome, exhausting weekend! How blessed we are to have such a great family to spend it with!

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