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Monday, July 2, 2012

Galvaston Vacation: Day Four

Tuesday morning was our last day in Galvaston.  We had decided that we would take the girls to the pool that day; however, God had other plans because the pool had been drained for repairs.  So off we went to the beach again.  It worked out really well because this was the morning that Keith and Carli actually got to see a Sea Turtle wash up on shore for a minute before the tide washed him back out.  Then as we were walking back to head out they found a really big crab just hanging out in a little hole.  Carli was very excited because she had told everybody that she was going to go to the beach, see crabs and run from them!  She did go to the beach and she actually saw a crab as big as my two fist together.  She didn't have to run from him b/c he wasn't going anywhere.

The girls posing next to their crab.


We had gathered even more sea shells.  Carli and Ava shifting through their collection.


We came back to the condo by ten and got cleaned and packed up.  We were headed back to Galvaston by 11:15.  We stopped at the Rainforest Cafe for lunch before heading home.

The Rainforest Cafe had all sorts of cool animals and sounds.  My girls waved to the elephants, and pointed out the monkeys and gorillas and then proceeded to be absolutely fascinated by the huge butterfly.  Carli took this picture.  She insisted we needed one!

Ava really thought the frogs were neat...I thought this picture was funny because it shows her little personality.  She's actually "cheesin'" for the camera...not screaming.  :)

Uncle Danny treated us all to a chocolate volcano desert, it was yummy!!  Carli and Ava really had a great time with Uncle Danny.  They didn't hesitate for a minute to take his hand and lead him around or beg for him to pick them up.  The thouroughly enjoyed his company, as did Keith and I.  We are very blessed to have Uncle Danny as part of our family and for him to be so generous as to share his time share with us.

Thanks Uncle Danny for an awesome vacation.  We love you!

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