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Monday, July 16, 2012

No A/C, No Problem...

The weekend before July 4th, Keith was sick with food poisoning so the girls and I just did our own thing at home.  Really it was a normal day for us.  Keith stayed holed up in the bedroom until about 4 pm, and then he meandered out and announced that the house was hot.  The girls and I were oblivious!  Turns out, it was 79 in the house and it should have been 74!  I have a tendency to not mind a warm house during the day and like it very cold at night.  Since Keith was feeling better and it was now hot to me too b/c he so kindly pointed it out, we went to eat out for dinner.

The girls actually slept okay in their room and the house never got above 79 that night.  The next day was Sunday and thankfully it wasn't terribly hot outside which helped the temperature inside.  Between being gone for church and naps, the day was pretty tolerable.  We all slept okay that night too. 

The next day the A/C guy came out, announced we had a leak in our system somewhere but he could not find where.  He put eight pounds of refrigerant in the system and said they would be back after the fourth.  So $520 later, my A/C was still not really fixed.  :( 

The A/C held until Wednesday and then it got hot again and fast.  We didn't even bother to leave the fan running b/c it wasn't even keeping the temperature down. in the low 80s.  Thursday the big kids went to school and Ava and I came home to play with Jacob, Kenzie and Hayden since it was my week to watch the kiddos for a few hours.  We filled up the blob and spent most of our time outside since it was much more comfortable there than inside!  I didn't get any pictures of the younger kids playing on the blob because there were four kids 3 and under! 

We actually got naps in despite the heat and then the big kids were ready to play on the blob some more.  It may have been our best blob yet.  We got it much fuller this time. 

Logan LOVES the blob.  With it so full, we turned on the sprinkler and he used it as a slip and slide.  He pretty much entertained me all afternoon!  He was so funny to watch.

Ava wasn't much for the sprinkler spraying on the blob but once we turned it off she had a blast sliding onto it.

We played outside for a good two hours and then made a Sonic run.  Not gonna lie, I went to Sonic twice that day because it was a good excuse to sit in my air conditioned car and well, go to Sonic! 

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