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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Water Blob Fun Continues...

We have pretty awesome neighbors.  When we were heading out to go to Galveston (the second time) we drove by a garage sale on our street and I saw some pretty awesome looking shelves that I just knew Mom needed for the play room at her house.  Keith wouldn't stop.  He was going to Galveston and nothing was stopping him!  So, I texted my wonderful neighbor Cindy.  Bless her heart.  I'm not sure how many texts, pictures or number of times they walked up and down our street to get answers for us on those shelves, but I know it was quite a few!  Robbie even tried to bargain with them!  In the end we decided they would work and they fronted the money for us and would have gotten them in our garage if the sellers hadn't agreed to hold them until we got back home.  Not only do they do things like that, but when I forget to put the trash out on trash day, they put it out for me!  :)  Yeah, we have some pretty awesome neighbors. 

We offered to watch Robbie and Cindy's kids so they could go on a date night since they had done some much for us.  So a couple of wkds ago, Kaitlyn and Austin came over to play.  Their older brother Chris actually went to a friends house but our house was cooler...just sayin.  :)  Turns out Keith got food poisoning that day and he was holed up in our bedroom.  So it was me and four kids (4,3,2 and 1), a spaghetti dinner and the water blob...yeah, we had a lot of fun!  :)

Little Austin was so much fun to watch on the water blob.  He would run and jump.  Jump up and do it all over again.  I lost count after 15 times.  He was just as tired as he could be but he would not stop!!  I loved watching that kid because he just wore himself out AND he ate all his dinner.  That is a rarity in a house full of girls!

Carli and Kaitlyn would hold hands and stand at the fence then run and jump together.  They ran and jumped, slid down the slide and turned flips for well over an hour.

I thought Ava was being anti social but it turns out the mosquitoes were eating her alive!  I would say one of my biggest failures of the night was not getting repellant put on the kids.  Ava by far got the worst of the bites.  She even had one between her fingers!  :(  She did play on the blob I just wasn't able to get her picture...she blew bubbles for everyone for quite awhile too.

I rarely let my kids stay up past nine but on this Friday night, they stayed up til almost ten.  Mostly because they were all having such an amazing time outside!  When I finally convinced everyone to come in, we crashed on the couch and watched Dora til their eyes couldn't stay open.  :)  I would say we had a fairly good night, and I sure hope the Woodley kids slept late the next morning for their parents! I counted it as a victory when I got to sleep til 7:30 the next morning! 

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