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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Carli's First Sleepover

For the last few months we have been alternating watching kids with our neighbors.  Every other month the neighbors kids come over to play for the evening while their parents get to go on a date.  The next month our kids go to their house and we get to go on a date.  It has been really neat b/c we have gotten to know our neighbors a lot better and the kids have become fast friends.  Last month, Kaitlyn asked if Carli could come over for a sleepover.  I told her a needed to plan for that, both with Carli and Ava and emotionally!  A couple of weeks later we got everything worked out and Carli went next door to have her first sleep over with Kaitlyn and Ava got to go on a date night with us.
My big girl, ready for her first sleep over.

Cindy took the girls to go see a play at the Caldwell Zoo.  They got to see Ariel.  Carli had a really good time.  She is still singing songs from the play!  We half expected for Carli to come home at some point during the night.  But Cindy said she did really well.  She slept over all night and finally asked to come home about ten the next morning!

Ava was quite upset when she realized she was not going to get to go over to Kaitlyn's house this time.  It took her about five minutes to realize that if sister wasn't around she had Mom and Dad complete attention.  When this dawned on her, she was one happy kid!

We went and grabbed a bite to eat and then went to Sam's to look at computer stuff.  Ava had a blast!  And we did too!  Eating out and shopping with one kid is easy peasy!

Saturday morning Ava found her suitcase and wanted me to take her picture just like Carli's...like her pose?  She then waved good bye to me and told me to have a good day!

We were really proud of Carli for being such a big girl and kind of sad too.  Ava missed not having her sister around, especially when bedtime came around.  I am pretty sure I spent more time that night sleeping on the poof chair so Ava would relax and go to sleep than I did sleeping in my own bed!  :)  When Carli did come home the next morning, the hugs that the girls exchanged was priceless.

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