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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 3 & 4: San Antonio

Our third day in San Antonio was pretty fun.  We got to go to Sea World!  I think the adults were more excited than the kids!  Sea World didn't open until noon, so we enjoyed the beautiful hotel much of the morning.

We had to take Uncle Kevin and Aunt Megan down to see the Kid's Zone.  We pretty much enjoyed most of the morning here!

Before Sea World, we had our little Christmas celebration.  The girls could hardly wait!

And then it was time for Sea World!  It was awesome!  We went and saw the dolphin show first.

And then hands down the favorite:  Shamu!

After a quick snack, the girls enjoyed a carousal ride with Daddy and Naggy.

Ava really did enjoy it, she was just not sure why she got put on the horse again!  They made her ride on an inside horse so we plopped her on this one so I could get a picture.  She was afraid Daddy and Carli were going to leave her!

Family Picture!

Catching a ride on Daddy.

The girls fed the dolphins.  We were all surprised that Carli actually picked up the fish and fed the dolphin!  She said this was her favorite part of Sea World.

We were pretty bummed to not find Santa at Sea World.  We did find him twice at the Shops at La Cantera but Carli nor Ava wanted to go visit with him.  What was really cute was we saw Santa in Nordstrom's and Carli got beyond excited and chased him down!  I'll have to get those pictures off Keith's phone and put them on the blog too!

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Megan had to leave Sunday morning.  We grabbed a family picture before they left.  That night Daddy too Naggy on their annual date night and Pappy took me and the girls on a date too!  :) 

We had an awesome trip!  Thanks so much Naggy and Pappy for all the special memories! 

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