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Monday, December 3, 2012

Pink Chirstmas Tree

Carli and Ava earned their third surprise a couple of weeks ago.  We had been planning on getting them a pink Christmas tree for their room so the timing of the surprise and the beginning of December worked well! 
I have been writing down what surprises the girls earn on Ava's chart and letting Carli copy them to her chart.  She is doing a pretty decent job at writing.  She writes with a Dry Erase Marker and then I'll go over it with a Sharpie.

Can you read her handwriting?  On Oct 29, she earned ice cream for lunch.  On November 11, she earned a princess book with a CD and then on November 25, she earned her Pink Christmas Tree.

The girls were thoroughly entertained with the box the Christmas Tree came in while Keith and I got the tree put up.  So when we called them into their room to see their new tree, the reaction was pretty awesome!  :)

The girls with their Pink Tree.  We ended up decorating their tree with all their ornaments that Aunt Chelle makes them every year and then some special ornaments that their Grandparents have given them.  It is easier for them to see these ornaments on their own little tree and we get to talk about where they came from more often now then if they were on the big tree. 

The Pink Christmas Tree makes a very nice night light as well.  :)

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1 comment:

SuAnne said...

Love the pink tree! That picture of the the girls with their backs to the camera reminds me of a picture of me and your mom sitting on one of our beds with our backs to the camera to get a good picture of our hair.

We got the Christmas/update cards you sent. I keep the update cards on the fridge; when I changed out the old ones I couldn't believe how much Ava has grown and how long Carli's hair has gotten. Thanks again for including us in your mail-outs. They have a front and center place on my fridge(at least until McBaby is born in March!)