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Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Dollar for Our Thoughts

I struggled with trying to figure out what to give our teachers at school this year.  It seems that a lot of the Mom's try to outdo each other and though I may have a crafty bone or two in my body, it doesn't hold a candle to what some of these ladies come up with it!  So after thinking, and searching and thinking, it finally dawned on me that it really doesn't matter what it looks like or what we spent on it.  All that matters is that the teachers know how much we appreciate them.  And so our craftiness and interviews, yes, interviews commenced.
First we did a little painting...

And then we interviewed the girls.  We ended up making four of our little notepads.  One for each of the girls teachers and then one each for Sassy and Kayla.  We had a lot of fun getting the girls' responses to our questions.  Some of my favorites were:
Where does Ms. Donna live? 
   "With her Momma and Daddy like me, only I don't think she has an Ava like I do."  - Carli
Ava, who are your friends at school?     
     "Ms. Robin and some other little people."
The boys were not good today at school.  We need to pray for Ms Donna and maybe the boys too! - Carli
"Ms Robin misses me."  - Ava when on vacation.
"Sassy's real name is Sassy.  Remember Mom?  She comes over all the time and we call her Sassy!"
"Sassy tickles Carli's arm.  Sassy tickles my arm and it makes me laugh!"  - Ava
"Kayla’s favorite color is blue, or maybe purple.  It could be brown.  I am not sure.  It’s probably a rainbow.  Yeah, she likes rainbows."  – Carli
"I love Kayla and she loves me."  - Ava
We ended up getting 25 comments, scriptures and encouragement notes for each note pad.  Then we alternated them with one dollar bills and made a little note pad.

It turns out they were a BIG hit!  They weren't perfect by any means, but the teachers, Sassy and Kayla loved them.  I ended up picking up Ava from school early the day we gave the teachers their gifts.  Ava's teacher was almost in tears thanking me for the awesome gift we gave her.  Then Carli's teacher had already written Carli a pretty generic note for some pumpkin bread we had given her earlier in the week.  We got a second thank you note gushing with thanks over the "Best Gift she had ever received in her 20+ years of teaching."  Awesome!  I think we figured out what to give our teachers from here on out! 

We got a text from Sassy thanking us for her notepad saying it brought tears to her eyes.  :)  Kayla loved her notebook too!  Yea!  Mission accomplished.  Make these four ladies feel special and make sure they know how much we appreciate them.  Success!  :)

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