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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ava's Performance Flop

Remember back in October, the girls had a gymnastics performance for the Alzheimer's Association.  Ava loved it and Carli hated it?  So in December when a sign up sheet was put out for a Christmas performance, the obvious thing to do was to sign Ava up and not sign Carli up.  Done.  It turned out that day that Aunt Carolyn had a funeral to go to and Grandma needed someone to hang out with.  Perfect!  Grandma would get to see Ava do gymnastics!  So we met up with Aunt Carolyn for lunch in Jacksonville.  After lunch, Grandma came with the girls and I back to Tyler for Ava' little performance. 
We got to the church, got Ava changed and got to enjoy listening to some live music while we waited for the gymnastic performance.  Ava loved it!  She played her little bells, she danced, she smiled, she laughed.  And then it was time to do gymnastics...and she flopped.

Seriously, she simply refused to do anything.  She would not even walk on the balance beam.  Bummer.  Thankfully the only other little girl that came was quite the performer and she showed off really well.  Ava looked pretty pitiful.  It probably was a combination of her sister not being out there with her, there not being a whole lot of other little gymnast and they made the circle a little bit too close to the gymnastic stuff.  Whatever it was, Grandma did not see Ava turn even one flip but she did see Ava in her cute gymnastics outfit...we take what we can get!
Carli and Grandma pretty much sit like this the whole time we were there...pretty much inseparable.  When a gentleman came and asked Grandma if she wanted to dance (Ha!), it was Carli that told him, "No Way!!"  Awesome!  

Who knows maybe the third time will be the charm and I could get both girls to perform on the same day in front of ppl they don't know?  A Mom can dream...

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