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Friday, January 11, 2013

Potty Training at Night...

And we didn't even know it!

Last night was our first night back to gymnastics in three weeks!  The girls did great and were excited to go back.  Ava and Keith came home after her class and I stayed to watch Carli.  When she and I got home, she really really wanted to put on her Princess PJ's.  No big deal, I let her.  We had dinner, watched the Veggie Tales Movie "God is Bigger" and got ready for bed.  Nothing unusual.  Girls were asleep by eight.  Good night!

About one in the morning, Carli taps me on my shoulder and says she spilt water in her bed.  I was confused and went to her room.  Sure enough her bed is soaked.  She points to the water bottle on the dresser and says, I just wanted to get a drink.  Okay - no biggie.  I get a towel.  Put it over the wet spot and give her a dry blanket and back to bed we go.

Fast forward to this morning.  The girls slept in til eight.  When they woke up, I go through our morning routine of changing out pull ups for undies.  Carli says, "I already have my undies on, see?"  Sure enough she did.  And then it dawned on me.  The following conversation ensued:

Me:  "When did you put your undies on?"

Carli:  "I didn't wear a pull up, I'm a big girl Mom." 

Me:  "Okay, so did you have an accident last night?"

Carli:  "Yes, I spilled water all over my bed."

Me:  "Really, or did you have an accident and have to change undies b/c they were wet?"

Carli:  "Mom, my undies were wet b/c I spilled water EVERYWHERE.  I already told you that!"

Sure enough, found the soaking wet undies in the dirty clothes.  They did not smell like water. 

Me:  "Carli, did you get your night gown wet?"

Carli:  "No Mom, I didn't want my princesses to get wet!"

We still have a ways to go and some laundry to do!

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