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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Big Girl Beds

The girls originally had a Pottery Barn Catalina Bed with a trundle that I snagged off of Craigslist for a good deal.  This worked pretty well for about a year.  Ava slept on the trundle and Carli on the bed.  But then Ava started not sleeping very well and we decided she would probably sleep a lot better if she had a real big girl bed.  So the search began.  Now that Ava is no longer a baby, her clothes take up a lot more room!  The one chest of drawers wasn't cutting it plus we had no extra storage.  I knew that I wanted some kind of captain's bed so we could utilize the storage.  We searched a lot of stores, online and even found plans to build them.  Buying two beds from the local furniture store was ruled out when the quality really wasn't that great and it cost almost $1,000 just for one bed!  We really liked the Pottery Barn version but the same issue was the cost.  We were leaning more and more toward building them but I wasn't so positive it would happen before the girls started college since Keith's time is a little tied up in school right now.  I finally found a bed on Pinterest and just called to get a price.  Turns out it was only $1200 for both beds AND they were hand crafted and made from real wood!  I was sold!  When we got an unexpected refund from Ford for a recall on our car, we immediately ordered the beds.  We got them in February but it took until this month for me to get the room kind of pulled together with stuff on the walls and corner unit and to find a curtain I liked.  I still want to make a Roman Shade out of the curtain but for now this works.  :) 


The storage is AWESOME!  We actually have about four empty drawers.  Plus we can access the dead space on the back half of the beds through a door at the end.  The girls love their own space plus having their own beds.  Most importantly the infamous Poof Chair still has a place of honor in the corner!  Keith and I have spent many sleepless nights on that chair when the girls are having a rough night! 

If anyone wants to volunteer to do the Roman shade for me, I won't object!  :)  Thanks Kid's Alley for an awesome product and great service!

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