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Friday, May 10, 2013

Chuck Wagon Day at OTA

Carli & Ava had Chuck Wagon Day at school a couple weeks ago.  I didn't have any problems convincing them to wear boots BUT they both had to wear a dress b/c they were princess cowgirls.  Well, of course!!

Here they are practicing "roping" and laughing at themselves!

 The last time I stayed with the girls for their little parties was in October.  We had a lot of fun but it backfired on me when both girls cried hysterically when I had to leave.  Because of that, I did not go back for their Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas party, Valentine's Party or Easter Egg hunts.  But we all had a long heart to heart, and both girls told me they would be big and we would all have fun and there would be no tears.  So, I got to enjoy Chuck Wagon Day too!

Ava's class was the first to come out and visit all the animals.  Ava had a blast! She touched all the animals:  ducks, rabbits, horses, goats, sheep, a baby calf and llamas.  No fear!  :)  She is so funny.  She is fearless as long as Carli is not there.  But if Carli is around, Ava won't do anything unless Carli does it too.  Ava even rode the miniature horse, twice!  She loved it and insisted I take a picture on my phone and send it to Pa so he could see what a good horse rider she was!  She helped drive the horse drawn carriage twice as well.  Needless to say, Ava was a big fan of Chuck Wagon Day!  When it was time for me to go see Carli with her class, Ms. Robin helped me out and took Ava for a potty break while I slipped away...tears avoided, success!

Carli's class got to see everything that Ava saw plus she got to paint a horse!  That was one patient little pregnant horse.  I guess she reached the point in her pregnancy that she just didn't care anymore!  ha!  Both girls just HAD to show me the rooster in the tree.  They both thought it was so funny that a rooster climbed a tree! 

It took a lot of convincing to get Carli to ride the horse and buggie but after I showed her Ava's pictures and told her Pa would never let her have her own mini horse if she would ride this one (sorry Pa), she finally gave them both a try and she loved it!  Little stinker.  

Carli was true to her word and did not shed a tear when it was time for me to go.  She gave me a hug and told me to be careful.  Shew!  We all had a great time!

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