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Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Week at Naggy & Pappy's: Send Off

Back in August the girls had a week where there was no school, no gymnastics and no other activities and we thought it was the perfect opportunity to send them to spend some quality time in Amarillo.  This took a little convincing with Keith.  Turns out he is a bit attached to his girls.  He did not like the idea of not seeing them for seven days, but he also could not deny that Carli and Ava were beyond excited to have a sleep over at Naggy & Pappy's and well, their Momma still had a lot of work to do which was very difficult to get done with no school or other activities to keep the girls occupied. 
So, Sunday after church service we headed out to meet Naggy in Decatur.  We actually had really good timing and only beat Naggy to our meeting spot by five minutes.  While Naggy and the girls got ice cream, Keith and I moved car seats, TVs, color books and half the girls belongings over into Naggy's car.  I did pretty good packing them up and going to meet Naggy but it was a little hard to wave good bye when they headed out to Amarillo and Keith and I headed home.

Naggy did an awesome job keeping us updated on their drive home.  They even stopped at a rest stop that had a playground.  The girls basically spent 10+ hours in the car that day.  They did awesome and did not sleep a wink.  Naggy tends to have that effect on them, they are having way too much fun to sleep when Naggy is around!

Once we got word that Naggy and the girls made it to Amarillo safe and sound, I crashed.  I was a bit stressed over them leaving and being in the car for such a long way.  Before the girls left, I did up little notes and gifts for them to open each day.  Naggy helped me out by telling me what they had planned to do all week.  So on Sunday night, they got to open one gift that was new pajamas.  Carli is in love with Hello Kitty currently and Ava got new PJs and some for her baby doll that matched.  Ava's baby doll tends to not wear many clothes courtesy of Ava.  We were hoping the matching PJs would instill some modesty in baby.  :)


It was just Naggy and the girls on Sunday night since Pappy was on a camping trip with his brothers.  They pulled mattresses into the living room and literally had a camp out.  :)  They were all excited to get their week started!  Keith and I came home, had grilled cheese sandwiches and watched TV (something besides Disney).  It was a wee bit quiet in our house but the dogs really loved all the attention they got!

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