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Monday, October 14, 2013

Aunt Chelle's Baby Shower

September was a crazy month for our family.  In between celebrating the amazing life of service to the Lord that my precious Grandma led, we also were blessed to celebrate the soon to arrive baby girl of Andy and Michelle.  After church one Sunday, we headed out to Aunt Chelle's baby shower.  Keith was a trooper and drove his ladies, we were very appreciative!  My cousin Dionna met us all there too.  She roped her husband into driving her from Conroe, so Keith at least had some good company while we all oohed and aahed at all the little baby clothes!  :)

My two little princesses thought they were big girls the whole afternoon.  They even found a chair just their size to sit in.  :)

Michelle had a wonderful turn out to celebrate her baby girl.  Here is a picture of her with all her hostesses.

Both Carli and Ava took it very seriously that they needed to write their own names in the baby book.  I think they did a really good job.  I was especially proud that they did not take up the whole page or deem it necessary to draw baby girl a picture or two!

We got baby girl a lot of gently used clothes.  But the girls went through them all and picked out their favorites.  They even picked out what to wrap them in so Aunt Chelle could open a gift just from them!  They were pretty proud.  :)  We hope baby girl likes them! 

Carli just thought she HAD to take care of her cousin Weston.  There was a lot of loving going on amongst the present opening!  :)

Here is Aunt Chelle with the girls.  I was pretty pleased to get such a good picture of them all! 

After the shower, we decided to go get an ice cream with Cousin Weston and his Momma and Daddy.  To say that the girls LOVE their baby cousin would be an understatement!  :)

After ice cream, we all parted ways.  We decided to go home via Jacksonville so we could stop by church.  Turns out Carli and her Pa were kind of missing each other.  :)  After church we went out for a bite to eat.  Those two just picked and picked on each other.  After a long 10 days of sitting in the hospital and letting Grandma go, the laughter was welcomed music to our hearts.  Love the relationship these two have!  :)

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