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Monday, October 28, 2013

OAMC Saturday

This past Saturday my friend and I attempted to do a once a month cooking for our families.  We had each picked out 10 recipes each as well as 2 breakfast meals each.  Our thought was that most of these recipes would be new to our families and we did not want to take home double of them unless we knew we liked them.  The traditional way of doing OMAC is to make about 8-10 recipes and double them so you go home with 16-20 meal, 2 of each.  The way we did it, we ended up with 25 meals and only a few were doubled. 

I posted this picture on facebook and got many request for the recipes we used.  So this post is to serve to meet that request as well as provide a reference for me to come back for the recipes if we would like to use them again.

First we made a list of recipes, then a master a grocery list.  Each of us marked off what we already had before having our final grocery list.  What helped us a lot is that Sarah had about 20 lbs of beef for us to use.  We decided that to use this savings in order to buy some good quality chicken instead of just the plain frozen ones.  We did our shopping at Wal-mart and Sam's.  Between the two of us, we spent about $160 each.  We ended up with 25 meals and 4 breakfast grab and go meals.  If you just count the breakfast meals as one, that is about $5 per meal.  There will be enough food leftover from dinner for lunches the following day.  It took us about 8 hrs of cooking. 
So without further ado - here is our list for the food we did linked back to the original recipes:
 - Provolone Chicken (Used Sarah's recipe but similar to this one)
 - Poppy Seed Chicken
 - Spaghetti Sauce
 - Biscuits & Sausage
 - Taco Soup  (I used an old recipe I already had for this, but this link is similar)
 - Taco Meat (We made 4 lbs)

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