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Friday, October 11, 2013

A Week at Naggy & Pappy's: TGIF!

It's Friday!!  Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll see my babies tomorrow!  I think I sang that song all day long!  :)  I was a little excited and anxious to see my girls again. 

Friday morning the girls opened two more gifts.  The first was a note/request from their Daddy.  He has a slight obsession with Donut Stop in Amarillo.  He swears they have the best donuts EVER.  He particularly loves the cherry donuts.  So he sent some containers and asked the girls to PLEASE bring him a donut on Saturday morning.

It turns out Carli LOVED the donuts just like her Daddy.  Ava on the other hand was not a big fan.

For lunch, the girls used their other gift:  $10 in quarters.  They went to Mr. Ghatti's and had a blast getting to actually play the games.  We usually let them run around and pretend to play but we rarely spend the money on the games.  But hey, they were at Naggy and Pappy's...it was an occasion to celebrate!  :)

Their cousin Jake came over and went to Mr. Ghatti's with them.  They LOVE cousin Jake and were so excited he came to play with them!

After Pappy got off work, they packed up and headed out.  We were all meeting in Fort Worth on Saturday morning and Naggy and Pappy decided to get part of their long drive out of the way.  Can you tell the girls had not napped all week?

They stopped and had dinner at Taco Bueno, one of the girls favorites.  I missed Naggy's message asking what they usually at there.  By the time I responded, and asked what did they end up eating the respond I got was:  Apparently everything you put in front of them.  :)  Yeah, they love Taco Bueno!

Meanwhile at home, Keith and I finished up our mini projects and took a sleeping pill so we could sleep that night.  :)  We were a little excited to get our kids back in the morning!

Here is the playroom, nice and clean and organized.  We got rid of a lot of toys that they never played with.  The ones I despised but they still played with I took to my office so they could still play with them but I could only be mad at the toy once a week.  :)  Compromise.

This was one of Keith's projects:  Jewelry organizer.  This is literally less than a third of the jewelry they had.  I got rid of the other two-thirds!  They have done a really good job putting the jewelry up every since they got home from their trek to Amarillo.  I was pleased this project worked out so well.

Our other project while the girls were gone was to try to update their bathroom.  The shower curtain and bathmats I had bought were a bust, so we still don't have those.  The major stuff is done though and were are pleased with how it turned out.  I painted all the trim work and the bathroom door dark brown to match the vanity.  Keith made the girls a new princess towel rack and put it at a level where they could hang their own towels up.

 I am not completely sold on this idea of the baskets holding towels.  It's growing on me.  I think a shower curtain would help a lot.  :)  And Uncle Tone helped us out by making these cute signs to hang beside the sink.

And my brown door.  It took a long time to paint that door - I am pretty proud of it.  Keith also added crown molding, that we painted brown, to this bathroom as well.  It looks awesome!

And that's pretty much what we did on top of working our day jobs while we were childless.  We got a lot done and the girls had a lot of fun but we were SO ready to get our kids back!

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